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    H.H. Gaj Singhji - The Maharaja of Jodhpur

    I must congratulate Historic Auctions; it is something that is needed in India. Proper valuation, evaluation of vintage cars, so that it helps not only the seller, but the buyers and the collectors. I think it has a great future; as we have in the art world internationally, we will have one for cars in India.

    K. T. S. Tulsi - Member of Rajya Sabha

    I wish you all the best, and hope this continues from strength to strength

    R. K. Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar - of Udaipur

    As far as cars are concerned, we consider them as part of our family. We worship them when they come in new, and when they become old, some of them just sit in garages and rot. But being here (at the auction) today gives them a new lease of life. Really happy to be part of such a journey, where we are bringing them back into the family, taking care of them and at the same time reliving those memories. So all the success, and all the power, to this new organisation - Historic Auctions, and wishing them all the very best for the future.

    V.P. Singh Badnore - Former Governor of Punjab

    This is a great initiative by Historic Auctions. What has started here will really promote tourism, heritage and vintage cars. I must congratulate the team.

    Gul Panag - Actor, Producer & Automobile Enthusiast

    I would like to congratulate Historic Auctions for this auction they have put together, and wish them all the very best!

    Sudhir Kasliwal - Director - The Gem Palace, Jaipur

    I am extremely delighted to be here (at the preview) to view the fantastic cars on auction, with Historic Auctions. I am sure it is going to be a historical moment for all the car lovers of India.